Changes to the Tree Register

Tree Date Genus Species Notes
ASP/0046 2023-05-18 04:41:28 Quercus macrocarpa - QEII Burr Oak, planted by HRH Queen Elizabeth II July 21, 1959.
GRS/0044 2023-05-18 04:39:40 Populus deltoides subsp. monilifera - The magnificent Fairfield Park cottonwood, Lethbridge.
ASP/0048 2023-03-28 19:26:18 Quercus macrocarpa - The 1933 'Stark Oak', at the Royal Museum, Edmonton.
ASP/0047 2022-10-06 23:40:23 Populus deltoides subsp. monilifera - The Lethbridge legend called Ol' Westy. Planted c1906

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